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11-Dec-21BJ. OyeleyeA dedicated & loving father, disciplinarian, witty individual, kind, firm, strong believer in God & a devoted Christian, community, motivator & supporter. The family well-being was always your top priority. I thank God that our path crossed & the you were my father. We all dearly miss you, dad but we know that you are resting in peace Kabeyesi.
11-Dec-21DDOLoving Man
12-Dec-21Dr. Charles Anyaka I’m saddened by the passing of daddy. He was a disciplined and dedicated father. I certainly remember how he and mummy were always concerned about Babajide’s welfare when we were students in FGC Jos. I’m grateful for all the gifts from you and mummy. He was a good and caring family man and was concerned about other peoples needs. I remember the words of advise he gave me when I visited him in 1995 as a university undergraduate on diligence and hard work. May your soul rest in peace. May our God comfort us all. May your virtues continue to be luminous to generations0 yet unborn. Adieu daddy .
12-Dec-21Iniobong Secundus Ejeliogu A great gentleman has truly gone to be with the Lord! I recall attending to daddy and mummy a number of times at the hospital I used to work in. He always had a kind smile on his face, opened and held the door for mummy to walk through and behaved like a titled and kind hearted person all the way. Indeed, a great knight in shining armour has exited the earth in grand style. May our dear daddy Oyeleye’s gentle soul rest in peace.
12-Dec-21Sir and lady Bernard. D Anyaka. We are saddened by the passing of Oladiran Oyeleye who we got to relate closely when his son Babajide came to school in FGC Jos. He was a responsible and dedicated.
12-Dec-21Mrs Kofo Oyeleye . Iyiola Oyeleye,s wife . Daddy Diran Oyeleye alias Uncle Senior will be remembered for all his good deeds. Senior knew and loved God and he touched many lives . He was a father to us in the Oyeleye family very humble and always smiling. He had a generous heart towards people and this charitable personality makes him so endearing to so many people . His love and devotion is expressed in actions. Words truly are not enough to say thank you . May your soul rest in perfect peace amen.
13-Dec-21Mrs. Toyin Famakin ‘The memory of the Just is blessed.’ Daddy Diran Oyeleye was an undoubtedly just man who held his faith in Christ as primary to all his life’s endeavors. On the 4th of February 2020, I sat with him for hours in his living room with my husband and he took us through the memory lane that captured his youthful days. He was a detailed story teller with a unique flair for his historical roots which on this visit was narrated to us. He succinctly captured his historical lineage in his book “My People: Descendants of Joseph Oyeleye Are” You could not sit at the feet of this erudite sage without being enriched with life’s gems that would sharpen your life’s orientation. Daddy Oyeleye lives on in our communal memory as an unassuming, selfless helper of the needy and a willing succourer to those in want of life’s balm of fortitude in times ofvadvetsity. It is well with your beautiful soul daddy Oyeleye in Jesus’s name!
13-Dec-21KOLA KAREEM & SK1TRIBUTE TO MY FAVOURITE UNCLE: MR. OLADIRAN MOSES OYELEYE In my formative age, there was this man I loved to hate with passion because of his high handedness. Like his sister (my mother of blessed memory) I was the topic of a capital project in his hands to be experimented with and be delivered without blemish. Because of my fear of capital punishment and because of his belief in not sparing the rod to spoil the child, I succumbed to be tutored and be molded by him. He eventually brought the best out of me. When I now realized his good intention towards me, he automatically and naturally became my FAVOURITE UNCLE; MY ROLE MODEL A tribute like this must contain some of his qualities that are worthy of emulation. Bold as a Lion, he only feared God and nobody else. His faith in Jesus was unshakeable. He believed and confessed that nobody could harm him because of this fact. What about standing for Discipline? He was very disciplined and expected it in others. He gave respect to whomever it was due and commanded it from others. When committed to any good cause, he never wavered. His sense of justice was godly and he pursue it relentlessly; whether it was for himself or for others. This was showcased during his sojourn as the Chief Accountant at the Ministry of Communications in those days. When a remote village in the far North where the Permanent Secretary originated was included in the names of towns to be given telephone lines, he found it appauling that a big town like Ilesha was exempted. He unilaterally included Ilesha town in the list and pursued it until justice was done. To say that I and his SK1 (Only one Sola Kareem) will miss Him is an understatement, but we are consoled by the strong belief that he has gone to rest in the bosom of the Lord Almighty. RIP.
14-Dec-21Ukpong Daniel Enang Daddy, you loved me as one of your own. You were always there to advice me on life’s issues when I needed counsel. You corrected me when I erred and drew me close with loving words. I enjoyed watching soccer games, cowboy and kung-fu movies with you. Thank you everything you did for me during my growing up years and when I was courting Bolanle(my wife and your birthday mate). You are a blessing to my family and I. Love you daddy, rest in peace.
14-Dec-21Iyabo O. Sosina I had the privilege of getting to know daddy in the last few years of his life and they were memorable years. He was such a lovely man, a gentleman to the core with a deep love for his wife and children. He also had a wonderful sense of humour and it was really interesting to see that twinkle in his eye in contrast to his dead-pan look. I will surely miss daddy, but I am glad I was able to see him the day before he passed on. May the Lord comfort his beautiful children and grant them peace. May his legacy also live on in them in Jesus’ name.
16-Dec-21Korede Lawrence Daddy as he was fondly called within our community at Twinkle Court where he lived will be sorely missed.There were so many instances where his person,his mettle was displayed on behalf of the collective and his voice which was always firm was also correspondingly fair.We will be consoled by the numerous memories of his smiling eyes and gentle laughter.May his soul rest in peace.Amen
18-Dec-21Dr. Vivian (Anyaka) Onyewuche We mourn the passing of Oladiran Oyeleye. Babajide is like a brother/son and the Anyaka family extends sincere condolences. May his memory continue to be a blessing to all.
17-Dec-21Uduak UdoffaMay daddy rest in perfect peace ?❤️?
18-Dec-21Oluyomi OlatunjiMay your soul rest in perfect peace ijn. I appreciate and cherish you sir. Rest on beloved.
22-Dec-21Olamide AbiolaTribute to my lovely uncle Mr oladiran Moses Oyeleye the man that can understand my mood. A God fearing,kind and loving uncle I can remember how you love and care for my mother of blessed memory uncle you will forever remain in my mind rest on my dearest uncle.
22-Dec-21Mrs. Nike Ogunniyi. Leader General. Cathedral Church of St Jude. Ebute MetaPa. Diran Oyeleye, Uncle D as I used to call was a nice man, during his active days was a very active member of the Guild of stewards not only in St Jude, but also at the diocese level. He was the first Treasurer of the Diocese of Lagos Guild of Stewards. To me and my family, he was almost there to assist whenever the needs arises. He has gone to rest. May his soul rest in peace. He will surely be missed
23-Dec-21Oluwabusayo for the Macaulay Family The memory of the just are blessed. I grew up knowing Mr Diran Oyeleye as my mumu’s boss. Truth is, he was more than just a boss. He was a caring person who took interest in peoples well being, a devoted Christian, lover of family, no-nonsense man, a teacher, a listener, an adviser, a father figure. Looking back I remember how he took interest in us( my sister and I), gave advice, and visited frequently to check up on us in his Volvo.? Always coming bearing gifts ( I still got my birthday gift last year). I remember when he took us out on an occasion to celebrate an event at a restaurant. Always willing to help, give advice and see through that one succeeds. You’ll be greatly missed, we know you are resting in the bosom of your savior. Rest well Sir and thanks for all you did for us.
24-Dec-21Mrs Taiwo Magret Abulude nee AjumobiI glorify the name of the Lord for a life well spent of our daddy and our great uncle ,he is a great leader that always the love of everyone in regardless of who you are or how close or distance to him you never know the difference between his own children and everyone of us he foundly call me omo Ajumobi,he was at my wedding ceremony presisely 30years ago to support her sister that is my mother,he was the one that made us to know our mothers reel age may his soul continue to rest in peace my great uncle sleep on good night sir.
25-Dec-21Akin OgunjulugbeIt is very hard to lose an Eegbon like Uncle D . My first reaction when I got the news of his demise was Yeeeeeeeeeeh ! Papa Oyeleye is gone !!!!!!!!!!!! Just 2weeks before his death , I was asking about him from his nephew , Mr Abiola . Uncle D was a proper , I mean PROPER AND UNAPOLOGETIC Ujesha Man , Strong and Reliable , even more than Union Bank . I actually had a special relationship with Uncle D because he was my Father’s Student in Ilesha and was always fondly calling me ” Oomoo Baba Teacher mi ” . It’s not Goodbye but Goodnight to you , GREEEAAAAT UNCLE DEEEEE ! May your soul rest peacefully in the bosom of your Lord , Ameeeen .
25-Dec-21Rev. Canon & Mrs SORINWAOur vice Patron Pa Diran Oyeleye. Thank God for a fruitful life in the service of God and to humanity. Your exemplary leadership roles especially as a historian custodian of remarkable event’s are commendable. We love you but God loves you most. May your soul rest in peace amen. historian custodian of remarkable event’s are commendable. We love you but God loves you most. May your soul rest in peace amen.
29-Dec-21Oluwafeyijimi Omo Olalonpe AlakeHmm.. Daddy’s passage is to me that of an Icon. It took me this long to put this together because O almost didn’t know what to say…. Here is a man who actually wrote the first page of my becoming a Man. Daddy literally stripped me of my Mum’s Apron to make a man out of me. He is the basis of whatever or whoever I am or might be in life. The story of my life is incomplete without the mention of this Noble Ijesaman. Sleep on peacefully in the Bossom of Christ my Daddy.
29-Dec-21Mrs Oluwabukola Idowu Busy Bees Society Cathedral Of St Jude Ebute Meta May his gentle soul rest in the bossom of his Lord dat he served tru his lifetime n d Almighty God w uphold n comfort d family n give them the grace to bear d fortitude n wipe away their tears in Jesus name d Almighty God w uphold
30-Dec-21Kujembola Amos Oluwole Grandpa, you lived a fulfilled life. Rest in peace
01-Jan-05Kayode Milo AyoUncle snr was a man of substance. He thought me how to be strong in life. I can never forget him.May he rest in the bosom of the lord IJN. God bless us all that morning him. Sun re o.
05-Jan-22Oluchi Kanma-Okafor A great man, a great dad, extraordinary servant of God. A blessed life is one where your immediate family have so much love for you; you lived a truly blessed life. Thanks for the example that you are. Rest in peace, Sir.
06-Jan-22Oladapo FamuyideYour Death came as a shock to us and as you sit in the arms of the Lord, your family, friends and colleagues mourn your death. It’s all right as each of us have the Lord beside us as we say our farewells. Your body might be gone from this world but your spirit will live on in our hearts forever
06-Jan-22We thank God for a life well lived, pray for eternal rest and peace for his soul and comfort for those left behind. Jumoke Kiladejo

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